It is a great blessing from Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala that the Phase 1 of the Oasis Retail Mixed Use Project has begun. A contract worth $1.135M was awarded to a Dallas based construction company today to complete the project.

The entire Oasis Retail Mixed Use project is 62,000 sqft. The purpose of this project is to make ICI a financially sustainable organization.

Phase 1 consists of a 22,000 sqft foundation Slab.
Phase 2 will be the shell and finish out for retail/office space and 28 apartments.

InshaAllah, we expect the Phase 1- Foundation Slab to be complete by August 2021.

Please come and join us at ICI on Saturday April 10th for the project Ground Breaking Ceremony at 2:30pm.

Also, please continue to make dua for the success of the project.