Assalam Alaikum,
Welcome to ICI Waqf!

You can donate via the donate link on this page or Zelle at [email protected]

The Oasis is a project by ICI WAQF (Endowment) that includes a retail space for office/shops and 28 apartments. It will be a one stop shop for living, praying, shopping, and working.

InshAllah, this project is expected to generate $1M annually after the building is paid off. The 100% and sole beneficiary for the profit generated from the rental income will be the Islamic Center of Irving.

The project will be delivered in 2 phases. Phase 1 is the placement of 22,000 Sqft. foundation slab, which has already started and will finish around August 2021. The cost of Phase 1 is $1.135M. The second phase for the structure and finish out is expected to start around October of 2021 pending approval of funds from Islamic Development Bank. The complete project is expected to finish after Ramadan 2022.

ICI WAQF needs your support to donate generously to the phase 1 – Foundation Slab and earn Sadaqah Jariah for yourself. This project is for the stability of our future generations in the US, long after we have left this world. The successful implementation of this project in Irving, TX will encourage other Masaajids to follow the suite.

Please donate generously, encourage others to donate and make special prayers for the success of this project!